The IOMP Journal Medical Physics International (MPI) has now completed its second year since the first issue of the Journal in April 2013. In this period MPI attracted more than 150,000 visits.

The first 6 issues of MPI (vol.1, vol.2 and vol.3) include c.400 pages of articles and over 800 pages approved abstracts from Conferences. A number of the papers related to education/training, professional issues and industry innovations have attracted several thousands of readers, each.

The Editors and Editorial Board of the IOMP Journal Medical Physics International are grateful to all colleagues who have submitted papers for publication in MPI and contributed to this success of the Journal.

Current Issue

Med Phys Int (MPI), 2016 Vol.4 No.1

General Content of MPI

IOMP Journal Medical Physics International – Achievements and Statistics of the First 3 Years
IUPESM Health and Technology Journal
Cost Optimized Medical Physics Education and Training: an Innovative E&T Scheme in Malta
Windows to the World of Medical Imaging Physics - Visuals for Effective and Efficient Learning and Teaching
Safety in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
A Review of Proton Radiation Therapy and the Path to Widespread Clinical Adoption
Reference Detector for Small Fields – the T-Ref Chamber
Innovations and Advances in Electronic Publishing: a Brief Overview
PhD Thesis

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